Welcome to AWRN’s New Website

Dear Friends of AWRN,

Greetings from our new office in Birmingham, Alabama! Along with our new location has come many other exciting new tools to take action with AWRN. Here is an overview of information contained on our website:

AWRN Blog: When you visit awrn.org, the main page will operate as a blog that will feature articles written by AWRN members on their work, advocacy, and news pertaining to AWRN’s mission. Each blog entry will allow you to leave comments for the author, as well as other readers, in order to spark further discussion. The AWRN Blog will always be a respectful space for discussion.

AWRN Action: This page, accessed by clicking the “AWRN Action” tab on the main page, will contain AWRN’s current action focus and ways to become or stay involved.

AWRN Events: This page, accessed by clicking the “AWRN Events” tab on the main page, will contain a list of AWRN’s upcoming events. Members are encouraged to contact AWRN and let us know about any upcoming events that AWRN may participate in.

Other tabs on the main page contain information about AWRN’s history, mission and approach, contact information, and membership. AWRN encourages all interested to print information from this website to further our mission.

AWRN E-mail List: Located on the left side of the main page, this link will allow you to register to receive AWRN’s E-Newsletter. The E-Newsletter will contain monthly information about AWRN’s current actions, as well as other special features.

As always, AWRN sincerely appreciates your interest in our growing movement to reduce the number of women in prison in Alabama, and build family and community resources as viable alternatives to imprisonment. We appreciate your continued involvement and look forward to hearing from you!


AWRN Members and Staff


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