Of every $100 Federal and State dollars spent on substance abuse and addiction, how much of that money do you think Alabama spends on substance abuse prevention, treatment, and research?

Leave a comment to guess!  The answer will be posted tomorrow morning.


15 Responses

  1. I would guess that approximately $10 of every $100 is spend on prevention, treatment, and research.

  2. One dollar…and I’m being kind. What are the approximate demographics of Alabama’s substance abuse population?

  3. A wooden nickel? With the rest going towards building prisons.

  4. My assumption would be around $5.00…and I think I may have overestimated.

  5. To be honest, I really have no idea.

  6. $5

  7. I’ll guess $5, only because it’s probably a pretty dismal amount.

  8. 50 cents

  9. i guessed $5, but i think I’ll resubmit.

    35 cents

  10. Maybe $1 out of $100

  11. $5 out of each $100 would be my guess!

  12. Six magic beans.

  13. Very interesting. I am guessing at one dollar. Recently a family member went to this great facility Narconon Vista Bay finding help immediately. We recommend it.

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