Answer & Getting to Know Tuscaloosa B2P

According to the Alabama Department of Corrections’ May 2009 report, 2, 336 women were in their jurisdictional population as of the end of May.

The winner is… Mary Ann Robbins!  Oddly enough, Mary Ann is the founder and organizer of Tuscaloosa Books 2 Prisons.  If you are wondering how Mary Ann found those stats when you couldn’t, she happens to work in a university library.  Mary Ann, did you have the help of a research librarian?  Just kidding! 

About Tuscaloosa Books 2 Prisons

Tuscaloosa B2P receives letters from prisoners all over the country requesting books, ranging from dictionaries and bilingual textbooks (most popular) to specific titles or genres.  Pulling from a stock of donated books, Tuscaloosa B2P vulonteers fulfill the prisoners’ requests and mail the books using postage paid for by donations alone.  It is an invaluable operation to the hundreds of prisoners whose lives are improved by the books they receive.

Tuscaloosa B2P volunteers meet from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. two Saturdays a month at Capstone Church, 1907 University Blvd. Call 205-330-1076 or e-mail for meeting times and more information.

An article about Tuscaloosa B2P that appeared in the Tuscaloosa News earlier this year can be found here.



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  1. Hello AWRN,
    Two prisoners will receive some books thanks to your donation! We send 3-5 books per package and the average cost of each package is about $2.50. Thanks so much to AWRN for thinking of us and supporting our work!
    Yes, I work in a library and searched our databases, Googled, and even called a law library reference librarian who suggested I call someone at the Alabama Dept. of Corrections since I was having trouble finding it easily in their monthly report they post. But, simply enough the answer was in their FAQ section – and it was the very first question! I shall refer to this site ( often as they update it and separate the statistics for male and female prisoners which is of interest to me. Funny what a little question like that will do to enlighten you.

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