Alabama Supreme Court lifts order protecting JeffCo sheriff’s budget

Sheriff Hale will be going to court today in Birmingham to seek an injunction to halt the $5.1 million in budget cuts his department faces at the hands of the County Commission. 

From a fiscal perspective, what is everyone waiting on? Though it would not save Hale’s department $5.1 million, why not make sensible money saving cuts now?  If there are 156 people sitting in his department’s custody for technical violations, such as failure to appear in court or to probation, why continue to hold them?  If everyone from judges, to the DA’s office, to the sheriff himself have weighed in on how those charged should be identified for release, why not get to it? Even if his department is only spending an eyebrow-raising 40 cents per meal to feed them, why are these potential savings being ignored?  Does he have to go whole hog and seek the full $5.1 million?


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