AWRN Book/Film Club

Autumn is fast approaching and with it comes perfect book reading weather (well, to us).

The first book on the list is Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women.  It’s available at the link provided and also on Amazon. 

One of the benefits of having a book club is discussing the book.  We have an additional motive.  We hope to build a library of books to lend to women in and out of prison.  We hope you will consider donating your copy to AWRN once you have read the book.  Also, we hope that you will consider making notes in your book so that the next person to read it can benefit from having your questions, comments, etc. as they read it and the sense of community will continue.

The first AWRN Book/Film Club meeting will be Saturday, September 12th at noon.  The location will be AWRN’s Birmingham Office (weather permitting we will walk to nearby Rhodes Park and enjoy the fresh air).

Please let us know if you plan to join the group by writing to us at

Happy reading!


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