Prison Rodeo

Recently, there have been several articles concerning the lives and community based activities of women in prisons across the U.S.  Here is another one about incarcerated women in Oklahoma, which has the highest female imprisonment rates in the United States.  Women in Oklahoma prisons have been given the opportunity to participate in a rodeo.  Though this may sound a bit outlandish for a prison activity, the article speaks to how the rodeo displays the strength and ability of the incarcerated women, something they truly need to be able to show in a positive manner.  

Once again, we can see that these programs for prisoners, whether knitting shawls for cancer survivors, or riding in a rodeo, really allow these women to express themselves in way that is normally not possible for prisoners.  It is programs like these that will make a difference in these women’s lives, hopefully giving them the start they need to beginning a more positive, constructive life.  What programs like these could be started here? Alabama inmates deserve opportunities like this, as well…so what can you do to help? 

The article speaks of a documentary on this rodeo, entitled “Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo.”  It will cover the lives of these rodeo inmates, and will be aired this Thursday on Cinemax.  If you get that channel, it would probably be a worthwhile film to watch.

To read this entire article, click here.


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