A Sign of Success to Come

As AWRN has said before, a parole hearing is an event that has been a long time coming for women in prison preparing for and awaiting the day they will be released. 

AWRN will be holding a training in early October for community-active citizens and providers willing to be the link between a woman and prison and her community at the point of reentry and beyond (more information can be found here).

Yesterday, AWRN and Aid to Inmate Mothers teamed up to advocate for the release of three parole candidates.  We are happy to report that through the women’s progress in prison, their successful reentry planning and preparation, and through community support from providers and community members across the state, all three women were granted parole.

AWRN believes yesterday’s success is a sign of the hard work and confidence of Alabama’s imprisoned women, as well as a product of Alabama’s commitment to strengthening its communities through resource sharing and advocacy.

We extend special thanks to Alabama’s Parole Board Members who saw how diligently the women have worked in prison on the range of factors that led them to prison.  Their confidence in the continued success of all three candidates was hard-earned and appreciated.


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