Petition: Support Freedom of Trafficking Victim Sara Kruzan

AWRN posted a video interview last week of Sara Kruzan, a juvenile offender serving a life without parole sentence in California. 

To help Sara and build the platform for reforming sentencing practices that have jailed many other juveniles across the U.S. for life, visit to sign an online petition for her release, as well as share ideas of other actions to take.


6 Responses

  1. This is what society comes to??!!….What she did was wrong indeed….However she paid more than her debt for the circumstances she was in…She’s became an intelligent woman, you could see the remorse…..and at the age of 11 to be exposed like that she did what she had to do……I say free sarah!!!

  2. She has paid her debt. She was exposed at a very young age the horrors of this world. At age 11! Then at 13 she was brain washed and put out on the streets to sell her body. She was molested and abused by a man twice her age. Sarah is a very strong young lady. Look how intelligent she speaks. She could of easily went the wrong way in jail, but she did not! She made a decision to educate herself and become a positive role model. She has shown remorse for her actions it is obvious. In fact I really do not think she did anything wrong. She was put in a life threatening situation and was force to defend herself. Sarah if you are reading this and I hope that you are. I want to help you very much!! I would love to see you free!!!!! We need to get Obama involved. Seriously!!!!!!

  3. I just want to say that Sara still looks 16 years old. I was surprised to hear that she is around 30 or 31 years of age. My heart goes out to her and her family. We all know how hard life can be, and how a man can manipulate a grown woman into doing anything he wants her to do. But an 11 year old child is a different story. She seems so remorseful, and I think that she would be a much needed addition to society. I agree with one of the comments, “Obama needs to get involved in this”. A pardon is definently in order. May God bless her.

  4. My heart goes out to this situation. You can see the remorsefulness in her and like the lady said above, when you are doing this to an older person that has the mind to know better then that is a different story, but using a child for her body for your own gratification. Wow… and when a person has to protect themselves to get out, then you are in trouble. Why couldn’t the court system see that this age 16 wanted out. I pray to God that something can be done about this situation with this now lady to be released. She has served enough time for what she had done to someone that ruined “her” childhood. I am praying for her release!!

  5. I feel that she had no choice. If anyone should be in jail it should be her mother because she was the one on drugs. A pimp should not have been able to reach her child, and surely not have sex or make her a prostitute. I know murder is a crime, but she has served her sentence because if she didn’t kill him where would she be right now? And who would care? If she didn’t stand up for something she would have fell for anything. At least she had the courage to get out when she did. Basicly it was self defense because her situation was life threatening. A child who had no other options. She shouldn’t have to give her life because if her life didn’t mean anything to her she wouldn’t have killed her pimp. Free her!!!

  6. Please support the freedom of Sara Kruzan – http://WWW.FREESARAKRUZAN.ORG

    You will find links to petions and more information.

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