Operation find Sara Kruzan’s address!

Blog Readers:

Looks like California’s online prison locator has been shut down for the time being. In order to find her (Sara’s) address through CDOC’s hotline, we need either her birth date or inmate number.  Not knowing Sara personally, AWRN has been trying to find out either of those pieces of info so we can call California’s prison locator service for her address

AWRN has found others online who have written to her and we have requested her address to be shared with us. We will let you know if we receive a response.

Any detective work you can do to find her address would be appreciated!


7 Responses

  1. As soon as you find out her address could you pass it on to me? I would like to write her 🙂

  2. Hi, So I have been all over the net looking for the address.. While on another site there is a posting where they said Sara was their Aunt and to contact Marissa for the address.. Her email address is missriss@tmail.com

  3. theres a group on facebook(FREE SARA KRUZAN) they have her contact info there it asks that you dont give her false hope or incorrect info about her case and that her lawyer will let people know in november how they can advocate for her…………………..
    Sara Kruzan W59700
    Central California Women’s Facility
    PO BOX 1508
    Chowchilla, CA 93610-1508
    hope this helps …..

  4. Dear Tesha,

    Thanks so much for this address. I hope it is still active. I have been crying at my desk, since I read about Sara, very, very unusual for me. I am 52 and Sara is my daughter’s age.

    I left the states, ran away from the US of A when I was 19. I was also a straight A student, was raped, then gang-raped, someone tried to traffic me but I escaped, but many awful things followed in my teens and twenties and into my 30’s. I left the states partly to get away from guns. I had such a rage inside, I KNEW if anyone tried to rape or beat me again, I would kill them.

    Yet, somehow, by the grace of God and many,many kind human beings and skilled therapists, 12 step programmes, etc, I have survived and recovered and want to reach out to this brave, brave girl.

    Thank you,

  5. http://www.freesarakruzan.org/sarasaddress.htm

    Sara Kruzan #W59700
    PO BOX 1508
    Chowchilla, CA 93610-1508

  6. Anks i deffitnetly need to wrie her i was in prison for a week and i went thru hell so imagine life and the age of 16 man i kno she crys everytime i really want to write her but she been abused by her mom man came in her life kinda changed it till he made her prostatue she got so sress that she killed him ut thanks alot fot the adreess hope it really works

  7. If you have any information on Sara kruzan any way I can write her please contact at this email trel328@gmail.com thank you

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