AL Supreme Court Orders DOC to Make Internal Reports Public

The Alabama Supreme court has ordered the Department of Corrections officials to make public the internal reports concerning inmate assaults.  The order came out of a case of a male inmate who died while in prison.  He had murdered two Athens police officers, and died several days after entry into prison.  The injustices done to him that led to his death were listed in documents that the DOC had previously claimed as private.  Now, however, the DOC will be forced to make all such documents open to the public eye. 

This is a great step for internal prison reform.  Though it may not seem like too much in the scheme of things, this will enable the public to gain access to what goes on after the visitors’ hours. 

The Southern Center for Human Rights was integral to this case, so the lawyers should be congratulated! 

To read this entire article, click here.


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