Perversion of Justice

News coverage of the U.S. war on drugs reaches us all every day. Whether it’s your local paper’s run-down of police arrests, a photo of drugs from a recent raid, or how the nation’s prisons are overflowing (not reported enough), the drug war has become a regular feature in papers and t.v. news.

In spite of the war’s frequent appearance, one rarely has the opportunity to hear the stories of the thousands of women who are incarcerated as a result of the ever-widening net of the drug war.

In Perversion of Justice, Melissa Mummert brings viewers the opportunity to hear the story of Hamedah Hasan, a woman who, convicted of drug charges for the first time, received a life sentence.

Like so many women in prison in Alabama and elsewhere in the U.S., her story begins with her attempt to escape a violent relationship and now continues in a life behind bars, separated from her three children.

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