Take Action: Alabama Parole Review Requests

If your loved one has been in prison for more than five years, or if it has been at least 18 months since your loved one was last denied parole, she may send a written request to the Parole Board’s Central Office requesting that she be reviewed for parole hearing rescheduling consideration.

Below is the language of the request procedure taken from Alabama Pardons and Paroles’ website:

1. After an inmate has served a minimum of five years, he may file a written request once per calendar year with designated officers in the Board’s Central Office, who may review the inmate’s progress to determine whether it may be appropriate to schedule earlier parole consideration. Such a rescheduling may be granted only for good cause shown and circumstances bearing on his probability to succeed on parole, not merely because the inmate is following the rules in prison. If, after appropriate inquiry or investigation, the officer or agent is persuaded that earlier consideration may be proper, he may refer the matter to the Review Committee for consideration. He shall enter in the file the facts supporting his recommendation. The inmate will be notified only if their parole consideration date is changed. 

2. Cases involving inmates facing imminent death may be referred to the Review Committee at any time unless the inmate is ineligible for parole based on his sentence or conviction.

3. The Review Committee shall consist of no fewer than five members designated by the Executive Director. Three members constitute a panel. The members shall be senior staff or employees of the central office. The panel must consist of at least one member who has 5 years or more of experience.

4. The Review Committee may review any cases referred to them for earlier parole consideration, and determine whether it appears to be consistent with society’s interest to schedule earlier parole consideration. If at least three Committee members reviewing a case concur in the action, they may reschedule parole consideration earlier than the parole consideration date previously set. They shall enter into the file a written statement of the action taken, and shall indicate which members of the Committee favored or declined to favor the action. The Review Committee’s actions shall take effect immediately.

5. The Executive Director or the Chief Counsel may refer any case to the Review Committee to consider whether rescheduling of consideration is appropriate, notwithstanding any other provision in these Operating Procedures.

6. The Review Committee shall not review any case after the Board has denied or revoked parole on the sentences being served, except as provided herein.

7. If the Board has denied or revoked parole, the Committee may consider earlier scheduling, but such review shall not begin earlier than eighteen months after the Board has denied or revoked parole. 

The request must come from the prisoner and must be sent to:

 The Alabama Board of Pardons and Parole

 P.O. Box 302405

Montgomery, AL 36130  


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