Update on Shackling of Pregnant Incarcerated Women

A few weeks ago, we featured a story about pregnant incarcerated women being shackled to the bed during the hours right before delivery in New York.  Currently, a U.S. Court of Appeals has decided to reinstate a lawsuit against a prison guard involved in the shackling of a incarcerated women in an Arkansas prison.  

It’s a big case with potential national implications depending on what happens at trial in the district court.

However, the court was unanimous in its decision to forgive the prison director from charges against him.  This is upsetting to prison advocates because as prison director, he is aware of the policies his prison abides by, including the shackling of pregnant inmates.  Regardless of his exclusion in the case, the ACLU still views this as a step in the right direction for the banning of shackling.  

Hopefully, we will see a change in the near future.  To view this entire article, including a statement from the ACLU, click here.


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