And the prison population continues to rise…

As of October 12, 2009 the female prison population in Alabama was 2,307.  Today, October 27, 2009 shows that those numbers have increased to 2,333.  It is quite ironic that after we had our event on reducing the rates of incarceration, those very numbers would skyrocket in a matter of days. It may seem that a 26 inmate increase is negligible, but given the current prison operating capacity of 191%, even one more woman contributes to the immense overcrowding.

Something needs to be done.


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  1. I’ve got a brother doing twenty-five to life thanks to three strikes. The long and the short of it is that my brother Steve IS NOT a career criminal. He has mental health issues I’ve begged his PO’s here in San Bernardino to help me address and basically got spit on for my troubles. Two names: Lewis Cope and Linda Wilde Cope, I’ve heard, is a Bishop in the Morman church! What kind of a “man of God” persecutes people on behalf of a heinous system like three strikes and one that sentances children to life in prison. And the judge who gave my brother the life sentance. These people are predators. Sick, disgusting monsters who make their living preying on drug abusers, children and the mentally ill. Two books: No Matter How Loud I shout and Mean Justice by —–Humes. I can’t remember his first name. Anyway the first book is about juvinile justice. And the second is about Prosecutors in this country and their single minded effort to get convictions. Whether the people are guilty or innocent. Did you know George W. while he was governor of Texas let a man get executed he knew was innocent? That’s the kind of people Wilde and Lewis are.

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