Word Is…

Word is that assaults on prisoners by officers are occurring.  Accounts AWRN has received have occurred at two of the three women’s prisons in Alabama.  As a prisoner’s mother writes to AWRN, “I know officers are allowed to restrain [prisoners] if they feel threatened, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.  Several inmates have witnessed different situations concerning three different officers.  Numerous accounts of hitting inmates, racial and derogatory statements, harassment, and belittling have gone on endlessly and no action has been taken on the inmates’ behalf.  Therefore, it leads inmates and officers to believe this kind of behavior is permissable…The inmates fear repercussions from the staff if they are caught trying to help an inmate this has happened to.” 

Word is that the Alabama Department of Corrections Investigation and Intelligence Division phone number has been blocked at the prisons, leaving prisoners with no way to contact the I&I Division quickly to report incidents of assault.  Word is also that if prisoners are caught trying to call I&I, they will be transferred back to Tutwiler prison (which is the facility least preferred by the prisoners due to overcrowding, aging dormitories, etc.).  



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