Southern Education Foundation Internship

The Southern Education Foundation has been an invaluable partner in spreading awareness of the many factors that contribute to imprisonment in Alabama.  This summer, SEF is offering an incredible opportunity.  Read below.


SEF Social Justice and Education Internships

2010 Southern Education Leadership Initiative

June 9, 2010 – August 4, 2010

The Southern Education Foundation (SEF),, is reaching out to tomorrow’s leaders, through the 2010 Southern Education Leadership Initiative.  We are seeking outstanding upperclassmen, graduate and law school students to apply for this wonderful opportunity.  SEF is now accepting applications through March 19, 2010.

The aims of the Southern Education Leadership Initiative are to: 

  • expose the South’s best and brightest college students to contemporary strategies being mounted by the policy, non-profit, foundation and business sectors to improve education opportunity and quality;
  • provide such students with inspiration, information, and a top quality work experience at leading organizations involved in cutting edge policy and practice efforts to address education problems;
  • develop students’ research and leadership skills by providing a forum for independent research and study and for the sharing of knowledge gathered and lessons learned with peers on campus, in the community or the workplace; and

Students will be placed in leading policy institutes, non-profit organizations, foundations, and corporations, helping to build awareness of the interdependence of groups and communities, and the need to improve public education for low-income students as a means to enhance the quality of civic life, democratic participation, and economic growth.  Since 2004, 103 students have been placed at various sites including CARE USA, Georgia Pacific Foundation, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation, Foundation for the Mid South, Center for Women Policy Studies, Academy for Educational Development, Southern Regional Education Board, Assisi Foundation, and the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. Through this effort, SEF is exposing the next generation of leaders to opportunities to use their talents in service to the public interest.

To learn more about the Initiative, please see our report, Growing Our Own: Education Leadership for a New Era.

To download an application please click here.


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