The winter chill may become a bit more bearable with the news of the sophomore Anybody Can Serve, So Let’s Conserve energy efficiency campaign, which will pay three months’ worth of energy bills for a winning family.

A collaborative effort of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, AARP and the Council of State Governments, among other groups, Anybody Can Serve was introduced last year as a way to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by making it a day of service.

This second year of the campaign features the “30-60-90 Day Challenge” in which each state will choose one low- to middle-income family (with a household income no greater than $50,000) to participate in a conservation challenge. Each of the selected families will receive an Energy Efficiency Toolkit containing energy-efficient light bulbs, a water-heater insulation blanket, weather stripping and caulk to use on their home. They will also receive a webcam to aid them in documenting their conservation efforts through video blogs, which will be posted on the Anybody Can Serve website.

Participating families will be asked to submit their utility bills from April, May and June of 2009 to establish a baseline cost for their utility services. After weatherizing their homes and installing the efficiency devices, they will report their utility bills for April, May and June 2010. The family that shows the greatest gain in efficiency will have their utility bills paid for three months.

Please enter, or encourage qualifying families you know to enter, the Anybody Can Serve 30-60-90 Day Challenge. They can reach the online registration site from a link on the Alabama Public Service Commission’s home on the web:


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