B.O.S.S. Program Seminar this Thursday!

Read today’s Dothan Eagle feature of Businesses Offering Second Chances and Support (B.O.S.S.) here.


“The B.O.S.S. program they’re offering over at Saliba is business outreach, giving second-chance felons a chance at employment in Dothan,” said Nelson, who used the program to gain employment at Outback Steakhouse last year. “When I got out in 2007, there were no programs for people who come home. Due to the fact I couldn’t get a job, I wound up right back in trouble and ended up at community corrections. Through the help of everybody at Houston County Community Corrections, my probation officer, I got this job and they’ve allowed me to go back to school at Wallace (Community College).”

Nelson says he owes “99 percent” of his new life to Alfred Saliba Family Services’ B.O.S.S. program.

“They’ve got a job readiness course, how to fill out a resume, how to conduct yourself in an interview, a computer for online interviews and online job applications, they help everyone at community corrections at one point or another, and it allows you to get the knowledge you need to succeed in the community,” said Nelson, who has held his position at Outback for nine months.

B.O.S.S. Seminar
Alfred Saliba Family Services Center

Dothan, AL
February 18th, 9-11am


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