Copies of your phone bill are critical to the campaign

Dear Families and Loved Ones:

AWRN hears often about the perils of staying in touch with incarcerated loved ones because of high phone bills and poor telephone services.  In order for AWRN to advocate for better telephone services for you and your incarcerated loved one, AWRN is asking for a copy of your recent phone bills.  AWRN does not need to know any of your personal information, but only needs a print-out of the phone calls made.  If you do not have a copy of a printout of phone calls made, AWRN asks that you consider sending in a copy of your phone bill or charges for minutes purchased.  Again, we do not want to see any of your personal information.

AWRN is relying on you to provide this information in order for us to compile a report of the costs you are experiencing and accounts of poor service.  While it is good to let ADOC and legislators know that the reception is bad and calls are dropped, and that the cost of calls are unaffordable, without evidence of such from a number of families, your complaints will most likely go unheard or unaddressed.

Please pass along this message to all who have family or loved ones in prison.  Without copies of phone bills, this issue will likely go nowhere. 

Thank you!


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