Word Is…

Actually, this is an AWRN witness account…

Alabama State DMV offices do not seriously consider identification cards given to soon-to-be-released prisoners by ADOC as valid forms of identification. Period.  AWRN asks, “Why the heck not?”  ADOC is a state agency and so is the DMV.  Can’t these two agencies sit down at the table and work this problem out?  ADOC is trying to supply prisoners with identification to aid their transition back into the community–get on board DMV! 

Also, the Federal Social Security Office does not consider the ADOC-issued identification card as a form of ID either.  AWRN realizes working out this issue may be more difficult, but surely two state agencies can iron out this problem and ensure that prisoners leaving incarceration have a form of state issued ID that is recognized as valied by all state agencies.


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