Ala. parole board turning over women’s transition center to Department of Corrections


Alabama’s Board of Pardons and Paroles is turning over its transition center for women paroled from the state prison system to the state Department of Corrections.

Corrections Commissioner Richard Allen says his department will be in control of the center by July.

The center, which opened six years ago, is less than a mile from the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women, which is under court order to keep its population at no more than 700.

The center was designed to relieve overcrowding in Tutwiler and give women paroled from the prison system vocational training, drug treatment, and other tools to make it on the outside.

Pardons and Paroles Board chairman Bill Wynne says the program hasn’t been able to fill its classes with parolable women.

AWRN has been hearing rumors of this for a little while now. LIFE Tech, the Parole Board-run transitional center right next to Tutwiler, is being turned over to the ADOC. We still do not know where the women who are currently on parole and living at LIFE Tech are going to go. It is appalling that the Board contends that it can’t fill its classes when we know that there are hundreds of women who could safely be paroled to LIFE Tech and really benefit from the programs offered there. It remains to be seen how this transition will happen.  Will low-risk women be returned to Tutwiler and other low-risk offenders remain at Tutwiler?  If so, it will be a shame.


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  1. Hello, I was currently a young lady from Life Tech, i graduated on march 21. This program could have been good for other ladies in the future. However , the state put a lot of women who didn’t have drug problems or who already had life skills to survive or work. I am one who now is having a hard time getting back on my feet because of my felony. I had never been in trouble no drugs. I am grateful for not going to prison. I regret all that I have lost. What saddens me the most is now women have one alternative. I would like to compliment Mrs. Romine on her hard work in the education department. I would once again thank her.

  2. Hello, I was a a lady from life tech as well, who graduated in Feb. 2010. I was at tutwiler before and made parole to life tech. i can gladly say that life really helped me in my walk to recovery. I truly believe that life tech along with the staff, and the skills that i rechieved while being there was the best thing that ever happened to me. whwn i got locked up i had a 11 month old son, that is now going on three. life tech teached to be a better mom as well as a better person. I am now going on two and a half years of being clean and i owe it all to GOD and life tech.i would like to thank all the staff at life tech for their support and help in giving me the skills i needed in order to stay clean and live a happy , sober life with my son, Dakota and husband, Andy. thank you all very much!

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  4. Hi;
    I was also at the life tech program and was one of the last groups to leave the program when It closed down. I was there for ten months. While I wish I can say that the life tech program helped me it didnt. I was abused by the officers at the life tech program. Namely Officer Brown who would
    watch me take a shower she would handcluff me to a chair daily and called me all kinds of names, And tell me horror stories of what they were going to do to me in prison. And this is just some of what she did to me when I was in life-tech. I was never more grateful to get away from officer Brown. She really scared me to the point that I left the state of Alabama altogether. So no I cant say that Officer Brown and the life-tech program helped me. I was not a drugs addict and didnt have drugs charges. I was there simply because I was homeless at the time and didnt have anywhere else to go. The courts didnt know what else to do with me so they put me in Life-tech.
    while I agree that something needs to be done for low risk woman like me this is not it;. I didnt need this program and yes even a year later I am still angery that Officer Brown has gotten away with her abuse of me.
    And If she did it to me how many others did she do this to??
    Im not the only one.

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