Manavi’s Journey to Justice: April 12th

Manavi’s Journey to Justice

Monday April 12, 2010 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM

University of Alabama Huntsville, University Center

301 Sparkman Drive Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35805-1911


Working With Stereotypes: 

Towards Effective Intervention with South Asian Women Affected By Violence

By Manavi –Working To End Violence Against South Asian Women Since 1985

Given the rapidly changing demographics of our State, the service needs widen in building effective relationships with community based organizations that provide appropriate legal immigration resources and outreach strategies.  This interactive presentation addresses common issues faced by most immigrant groups (e.g. language access, lack of culturally appropriate services) and aims to strengthen the capacity of mainstream organizations to address the issue of violence against South Asians.  Manavi has designed a comprehensive training module that will enable advocates, practioners, and others to familiarize themselves with the skills needed to adequately work with South Asian women/survivors of violence. 

 Workshop Outline:

08:30 AM                    Registration

09:00 AM                    Welcome and Logistics

09:15 AM                    Part I:  Working with Stereotypes

10:45 AM                    Break

11:00 AM                    Part II:  Strategies To End Domestic Violence against South Asians

12:30 PM                     Evaluations and Adjournment


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