TONIGHT! Free Documenting Justice Film Screening at Bama Theatre

Come out to the Bama Theatre this evening for the 4th Annual Documenting Justice Film Screening.  The event is free and begins at 7pm.

Documenting Justice is a nationally unique course in which non-film majors create short documentaries focusing on issues of justice or injustice in Alabama. Harnessing perspectives from disciplines across the humanities, the year-long course teaches students to use film to document and analyze the many dimensions of cultural and social experience central to the stories they choose to tell.

4th Annual Documenting Justice Screening

TONIGHT: April 27, 2010

Bama Theatre, Downtown Tuscaloosa



Tonight’s films explore:

  • Circumstances surrounding the sentencing of juvenile offenders to life without parole, and the question of whether punishment ever goes too far;
  • A small community in rural Alabama where 10 individuals rethink the American Dream and find just what they need for a life well-lived;
  • Perceptions of safety, community and development in two neighborhoods living side by side, but separated by a barbed-wire fence;
  • The small town of Brilliant, Ala., where two high school seniors think about the future and whether they will stay or leave their hometown; and
  • The physician shortage in rural Alabama and difficulties in doctor recruitment, specifically in Wilcox County, where there is one physician for every 4,667 people.

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