OUR VIEW: There’s a problem when special-interest groups are willing to spend so much on Supreme Court races in Alabama

From the Birmingham News: Full article here.

There’s a related question that’s just as obvious, but much more troubling: Is our state Supreme Court stocked with the best justices money can buy? Maybe that sounds unfair, but if perception is reality, it’s hard not to wonder why deep-pocketed, special-interest groups in Alabama are so willing to spend so much money on justices — or is it justice?

News that Alabama’s Supreme Court elections easily were the nation’s most expensive over the past decade raises an obvious question: Why? How can high court elections in the 23rd most populous state, with 4.7 million people, cost so much more than those in the next closest states, Ohio, with 11.5 million people, and Pennsylvania, with 12.6 million?


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