Spotlight on Karen Carr with Aid to Inmate Mothers

As any woman in Alabama state prison can tell you, Karen Carr is amazing.  Each week she leads Project Reconnect, a program that touches one everything essential–budgeting, family reunification, how to interview for a job, etc.  AWRN has seen how a woman’s face lights up when she speaks with Ms. Carr.  That’s because Ms. Carr will push you in every way to be your best, no matter your past.

This week the Montgomery Advertiser ran an article about Ms. Carr, detailing the past abuse Ms. Carr herself has overcome.  One of the most powerful remarks Ms. Carr makes about domestic violence in the article is this:

“Everybody asks, ‘Why didn’t she leave?’ They never ask, ‘Why did he hit her?'”  Read the full article here.

Ms. Carr is a facilitator with AWRN’s Parole Preparation and Family Reunification Workshops.  If you or someone you know has a loved one in prison, please contact AWRN to find out more about upcoming workshops.  Click here to find out more about this Saturday’s workshop in Birmingham, AL.



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