Scott Sisters Will Soon Be Freed

A Victory for the People…

Today, at long last, Gov. Haley Barbour announced he will pardon Jamie and Gladys Scott  and recommend their immediate release.

From Jackson, Mississippi to Birmingham, Alabama to Harlem, New York and all across this land you raised your voices, you marched, petitioned, emailed and stayed on line. Many of you were at SHROC in Birmingham December 10 – 12 2010 when we called upon organizers and activists to send letters to Gov Haley Barbour to demand the immediate release of the Scott Sisters. Now that these sisters, unjustly held as captives, will soon go home and a peoples  victory is at hand, we wanted to share the news with all those who tirelessly worked for this day.

We salute Evelyn Rasco, mother of Jamie and Gladys Scott, and all those who never gave up. But most of all we salute Jamie and Gladys for their courage, their strength and their resolve to never compromise.  Now, we will join with all freedom fighters to welcome them home!

In solidarity…

Southern Human Rights Organizers’ Network
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New underway (and almost ready to go!)

Hi Everyone!

AWRN has been developing a more functional website and in the weeks ahead the new and improved will be up and running.

Some new features to look for:

1. Program Areas:  The new website will have AWRN’s program areas separated into categories such as programs for women in prison, programs for loved ones of AL state prisoners, and programs for women who are not incarcerated.

2. Upcoming Events page: This online calendar will give you an overview of all of AWRN’s upcoming workshops and events.  Visitors will be able to click through to review the event’s details and register online for workshops.

3. Advocacy Campaigns: This page will house all information AWRN has collected and/or developed pertaining to its ongoing campaigns.  This will serve as a policy resource area for lawmakers, practitioners, advocates, students, media, and the public.

AWRN sincerely appreciates your advocacy, dedication, and passion!

Alabama Civil Justice Foundation awards AWRN

AWRN is pleased to announce that the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation has awarded $5,000 in grant funding to support AWRN’s work in 2011.

On behalf of everyone at AWRN and especially the women we serve, we want to express our sincerest thanks to the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation‘s staff and Board Members for their support.



Don’t Forget: SHROC is this weekend!

Register and review the full agenda:

This Year Give Freedom

This week, AWRN gained 5,856 Days of Freedom for a woman in prison. Through the incredible collaborative work of women in prison and AWRN’s Parole Team Advocates, AWRN has secured well over 90,000Days of Freedom for women in one year alone.

Because of this wonderful program, women are experiencing their freedom this holiday season, many of whom have not set foot outside of a prison gate for more than a decade.  Witnessing a woman’s release and the tears on her family’s face as they finally hug is one of the most humbling and amazing things that AWRN will ever experience.  Additionally, AWRN’s Parole Advocacy Team has saved the State of Alabama over $3.7M in incarceration costs over the next 24 years. Still, AWRN does not receive any state or federal funds.

In 2011, AWRN has plans to offer 6-week reentry and parole preparation workshops to serve even more women in prison than we have been able to this year.  Right now, AWRN has a waiting list of more than 90 women seeking an advocate.  It is our goal to serve 9o women in prison through these workshops in 2011.

Your support can make these workshops a reality.  AWRN needs to raise $2,000 to cover the costs of the workbooks for the workshops by January 15th.  If you are able, please donate to support women’s freedom.