This Year Give Freedom

This week, AWRN gained 5,856 Days of Freedom for a woman in prison. Through the incredible collaborative work of women in prison and AWRN’s Parole Team Advocates, AWRN has secured well over 90,000Days of Freedom for women in one year alone.

Because of this wonderful program, women are experiencing their freedom this holiday season, many of whom have not set foot outside of a prison gate for more than a decade.  Witnessing a woman’s release and the tears on her family’s face as they finally hug is one of the most humbling and amazing things that AWRN will ever experience.  Additionally, AWRN’s Parole Advocacy Team has saved the State of Alabama over $3.7M in incarceration costs over the next 24 years. Still, AWRN does not receive any state or federal funds.

In 2011, AWRN has plans to offer 6-week reentry and parole preparation workshops to serve even more women in prison than we have been able to this year.  Right now, AWRN has a waiting list of more than 90 women seeking an advocate.  It is our goal to serve 9o women in prison through these workshops in 2011.

Your support can make these workshops a reality.  AWRN needs to raise $2,000 to cover the costs of the workbooks for the workshops by January 15th.  If you are able, please donate to support women’s freedom.


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  1. Great work you people are doing… lets just spread the word and the support starts pouring in ..

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