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From Kyes Stevens:

Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project Help needed: I need books of poetry to take into one of the women’s prisons for their meager reading library. Send me a few off your shelf, or if you feel so inclined, go to amazon and send us some used copies. If you don’t want to bother with that, send us $10 bucks and I will buy some. Thanks all.

Kyes Stevens, Director
Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project
Mailing Address: 226 Thach Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849-5214
Office Location: 103 Thach
Office: 334.844.8946
Mobile Number: 334.703.6854
Fax: 334.844.4447


One Response

  1. I am grateful that the Alabama Prison Arts & Education Project exists, & that it continues. I WILL send books.

    I praise the fact that Auburn University is where the Project was born & developed & received support from such impressive arts, academic, & government resources. “Humanities” rings a bit more true to me in that light, when a university with a superior Liberal Arts program shows the sort of compassionate social awareness as this project represents.

    Offering advocacy through learning IS visionary & I know that the project gives voice to the truth that women inmates are WORTHY of such a program — a message that each inmate deserves to hear & to see in action.

    I know how crucial that message is — I was first made aware of the Project, & was amazed & bolstered that it existed, when I noticed the Alabama Prison Arts & Education Project stamp inside a library book when I was first at Tutwiler in April-October 2008.

    I even wrote a letter (while “inside”) to learn more about the Project & to express how grateful I was!

    I praise this project & the vision of those who formed it, & those who keep it alive. Offering good books (& classes, when possible) gives a women a way to expand her view, her world, to learn, not just to distract her from (both inner & outer) painful realities., but to, with quality support, to help her (me) to make good changes.

    And, more than that: I do know that learning is enriching — it can (& did!) even inspire those women caught up in a dark, unspeakably hard, demeaning & fragmenting “System” to reach inside, to relearn her own vision.

    I know, because I was there & it worked that way for me. The GOOD books offered & the thought of creative writing classes (that I did on my own, in a fashion) helped me to reconnect with myself, my frayed values & dreams & “center”.

    This “re-connect” happened simply through reading, & writing, & reflecting on the truth & lovely writing offered by good writers.

    It gave me a chance, to “come home to myself”, if you will. I was full of fear, certainly could not face church services there, but literature, & knowing this Project valued Women Inmates DID help my spirit.

    And — I would go further to say that this process, those resources, helped me to SURVIVE — it may sound like “gushy melodrama”, but it isn’t — I remember; I will never forget life there; I do not overspeak:

    The vision & resources, the books & inner reflection helped me to survive that environment & its scary,outrageous, demeaning realities. The Project’s vision & services, for me, anyway, were a saving grace; I say that with absolute conviction.. Thank you.

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