Tomorrow Night: Fighting for Life in the Death Belt


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  1. Dear AWRN:

    My name is Alexander Otis Matthews. Let me first thank you for your work on behalf of justice and equality in our country. I am contacting you about a new memoir I have just written which is called My-America: a memoir on justice and race in the US federal legal system.  In short, I am a native of Washington DC, from a respected family involved in local government and education. I am a trained clinical therapist who became a real estate broker and developer in the early 1990s. In 2006 I purchased a project in an all white suburb in Clifton VA for 4.5 million dollars, and the lawyer for the seller, who disliked my personal characteristics being African American and muslim, began a campaign to have me investigated and prosecuted by his friends in Federal law enforcement as a means of punishing me for owning a home in his subdivision. I was convicted in 2011 of wire fraud, but I used my formal education to learn federal law and appeal my case myself, and on November 5th 2015 the Fourth Circuit vacated and remanded my case back to my district judge. I have written a memoir to bring to the public’s attention the grave issues of racial bias and injustice currently plaguing our nation’s federal legal system. My story is a compelling one that I pray will add to the public’s knowledge about the very serious issues in our legal system. The book will be published in April 2017 by a London publisher, but I am asking you to read the first few chapters at, a  simple website i created about my case and memoir. I feel strongly that i must do my part to chronicle my experiences , in behalf of  the men I met without a formal education  who can’t have their stories told. Most Americans have no idea what federal judges,prosecutors, and agents are getting away with against criminal defendants. The few chapters on my website deal mostly with my and educational background, but I assure you that the book itself is a searing expose of the injustice carried  against our nation’s citizens. I humbly ask for your help  getting the word out about  . Even though my  was  vacated and remanded one year ago  my judge is dragging his feet  and acting in open defiance of the fourth circuit”s order,  but I am undeterred in my determination to get justice.  Please assist  me  by spreading the word about the book in any way you can. Thank you

    Alexander Otis Matthews  

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